Mama is a small Japanese restaurant hidden in the corner of Shimokitazawa.
Mama, まゝ in Japanese means “Let it be”.
We let you to be as you are,
and we let the seasonal ingredients to express as they are.
We believe that the best culinary experience exists when food and guests are both comfortable.

Please come and enjoy our “mama” experience.
If you have any dietary restrictions,
please feel free to let us know beforehand.
We will try our best to be creative in order to still provide the “mama” experience while catering to each needs and concerns.


Yui Yamaguchi

Yui is a trained washoku (Japanese dishes) chef, who has worked both in Tokyo, and New York, embraces diversity of the perspectives people have for food.
Yui has struggled from a heavy food allergy when she was little, and she learned a lot from her mother who prepared the food for her with carefully selectedingredients.
She cares to provide the culinary experience that makes all the guests comfortable.
Her washoku is filled with the beauty of the seasons that pleases your eyes.


  • Address

    3-23-23 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku ,
    Tokyo, 155-0031, Japan

  • Opening hours

    Monday to Saturday 6pm-11pm

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  • *We have 7 seats only so please make a reservation in advance.
  • *We sometimes have irregular holidays so please check the latest updates.


You can enjoy the following course menu with fresh seasonal ingredients.
The contents of the course will change monthly.